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Organic Pillows
Soap Shape Pillow
Our lowest pillow, this simple Soft Dunlop molded latex design has hollow channels throughout to promote air flow. These are ideal for smaller children and for stomach sleepers. Approximate height: 5”
Standard $99 / Queen $109 / King $129
Contour Pillow
This Medium Dunlop molded latex pillow has a high, rounded edge along its length for extra neck stability. The lower edge eases positioning and the center hollow gently cradles your head. Approximate height: 4.5
Standard $99 / Queen $109 
Wool-Latex Pillow
Filled with a mix of organic wool fiber and shredded natural latex, this pillow combines the best qualities of both materials. The wool fiber promotes air circulation to prevent heat buildup, and latex gives the pillow a responsive, luxurious feel. Like our shredded latex and all-wool styles, these pillows are customizable. Simply unzip the inner and outer casings to remove any amount of fill you'd like.
Standard $109 / Queen $119 / King $129 
Organic Wool Pillow
If you “sleep hot”, you’ll appreciate how this pillow’s organic wool fill helps stabilize your temperature. Wool fiber is a natural insulator (from heat or cold) and improves air flow. Wool also promotes moisture evaporation for drier comfort. Approximate height: 7”
Standard $129 / Queen $139 / King $159
Shredded Latex Pillow
Soft, shredded latex (blended Dunlop and Talalay) conforms to your neck and shoulders for secure yet moveable support. These pillows are intentionally overstuffed so you can make your own perfect, personal fit. Just unzip the inner and outer casings and remove any amount of fill to create just-right height and density. Approximate height: 4-8”
Standard $89 / Queen $99 / King $109 / Body $139